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Elevate your frozen pizza case with exceptionally delicious pizza from Pep’s Pizza Co. Consumers will seek your store as a retailer of choice once they’ve experienced our exceptional toppings, cheeses, sauces, our variety of delicious crusts, and recipes ranging from classic to adventurous. When you carry bold, loaded Pep’s Drafthaus Pizzas and exquisitely unique Pep’s Legit Pizzas, you’ll put a whole lot of “Pep” in your profits.

The Proven Power of Pizza

Check out a few slices of pizza’s popularity, and the payoff of bolstering your store’s pizza options. Pep’s Pizzas are an immediate upgrade for your grocery or c-store’s frozen pizza section.

savory statistics*

The average American
consumes about
46 slices
of pizza


Saturday Night is the most popular
night to eat pizza

Americans Eat
350 slices
of pizza


Frozen pizza sales jumped
over 10% to
$6.8 billion
in 2023

Get in on the growing popularity of frozen pizza. Pizza fanatics are passionate for Pep's Pizzas!

Sources: "The Most Surprising Pizza Consumption Statistics And Trends in 2023," Gitnux Market Data, March 21, 2023 & State of Industry 2023: Frozen Pizza Breaks Out of the Box. Circana, 2023.

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