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At Pep’s Pizza Co.™ we’re redefining the possibilities for your frozen pizza experience.

For generations we’ve served you the delicious, crispy, cheesy goodness you and your crew count on.

With handcrafted recipes, exceptional ingredients, and plenty of the highest-quality toppings, our pizzas are sure to put a little “Pep” into your at-home dining experience.

Meet The Family

Whatever slice you’re craving, we’ve got you.

Inspired by award-winning microbrews and restaurants across the country, our varieties of Pep’s Drafthaus pack a BIG taste with even BIGGER toppings.

Whether you’ve got people coming over to catch a game or simply want to enjoy a hearty, premium-quality pizza at home, make your house a Drafthaus.



The culmination of a combined 100 years of family recipes and experiences, Legit offers authentic, old school, parlor pizzas.

Stone-baked with a craveable, cracker-thin crust and plenty of bold toppings, our at-home pizzas are the product of our passion—and made to feed yours. THIS PIZZA’S LEGIT.



History in the Baking

Brothers Joseph “Pep” Simek Sr. and Ron Simek bought the Tombstone Tavern in Medford, WI back in 1962. Adjacent to a cemetery, it was here in the bar’s 6’ x 6’ kitchen that the original frozen pizza – Tombstone Pizza – was born.

That early success was the appetizer for Pep Simek’s main course; years later he reignited his love for pizza and founded a new venture – Pep’s Pizza.  His vast kitchen knowledge, use of the finest ingredients, and special sauce had his pizzas once again increasing in demand—throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

Since Pep’s passing in 2013, his legacy lives on with pizza fanatics far and wide.  Pep’s Pizza Co. celebrates that devotion to premium quality pizzas day in and day out.

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A Match Made in Oven

Between all our Pep’s Drafthaus and Legit pizza options, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach.


This fun quiz will help to pair you with the perfect pie for your next occasion.


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